Piglantir, software for intervention-free pig rearing

29 06 2017

Door Josien Kapma

FarmHack Kennismobilisator. Voormalig melkveehouder en specialist in online interactieve leertrajecten.

Piglantir, software for intervention-free pig rearing

How to rear pigs without any intervention at all; no antibiotics, no incisions, no tail-docking and no tags or tattoos? You need robust pigs and a crystal ball to predict it before an animal falls sick. Piglantir is a realtime health prediction software service, powered by machine learning, that allows intervention-free pig rearing.   


Piglantir is a blend of the words ‘pig’ and ‘palantír’, which is an artefact similar to a crystal ball from Tolkien, used for seeing events in other places and times. Intervention-free piglets have no tag, no tattoo or chip, therefor for tracking individual animals Piglantir uses biometric identification. Data from several sources is analysed to uncover relationships between environment, climate, nutrition, robustness and health status. Interestingly, the team mentions OADA, the concept of the team they competed against, as a partner for the data flows. The system is powered by machine learning and is used for realtime health monitoring as a service. See the slides used to pitch Piglantir service below.


This is part of a series about the results of the AgriVision Hack 2017 organized by FarmHackNL. These are all posts in the series:

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