Fertility and big data

24 11 2017
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24 & 25 November 2017
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10 november
24 & 25 November 2017
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data wizards and scientists (PhDs, postdocs)

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Dairy Campus
Boksumerdyk 11
9084 AA Leeuwarden


FarmHack on 24 & 25 November 2017 

The hackathon

Which models, methods and software can be used for predicting fertility of boar semen? This is the central theme of the two day hackathon organised by Breed4Food. It will be centred around methods and modelling. We will work with real data from the 'field',  and have the opportunity to share our ideas with likeminded data-enthusiasts. Model admirers from the enterprises will be there to answer your questions where it comes to the practical side of livestock business.

Breed4Food is a consortium of Wageningen University and Research and four international animal breeding companies. Their program focuses on the development of innovative research projects aiming at 'breeding for food'.  This hackathon contributes to their overall goal to gain new applied knowledge, distinct and innovative methods, software and tools, aiming at scientific breakthroughs to enhance genetic improvement.

FarmHackNL will facilitate this event.


What is in it for you?

For this challenge we are mobilizing teams consisting of data wizards and researchers (PhDs, postdocs) who want to apply their magic to field data to solve real time problems in the livestock domain. This hackathon offers you a unique opportunity to work  and meet commercial companies and data anlaytics. We can pick you up and drop you off at Leeuwarden Central Station, and we will take care of plenty of food and drinks!

Furthermore, the winning team receives 2500 Euros!

We are looking for you!

Are you a PhD student, Postdoc or data wizard who want to apply their magic to field data to solve a real-time problem in the livestock domain? You are most welcome on this Farmhack.

If you want to know more? Claudia Kamphuis is the one to ask.  She is a researcher at Wageningen University & Research, Animal Breeding and Genomics. T +31 (0)317 486 908 (directed to Mobile) or claudia.kamphuis@wur.nl


You can register by sending an email (before November 10) to claudia.kamphuis@wur.nl


Organizers  Wageningen University & Research and Breed4Food
Facilitator: FarmHackNL

Breed4Food is a consortium established by Wageningen University & Research Centre and four international animal breeding companies:

Animal breeding requires high investments in R&D and long-term commitment to meet changing consumer demands to increase efficiency in the food chain, to reduce the ecological foot print, to minimize the use of antibiotics and to contribute to food safety, better health and welfare of livestock. The mission of Breed4Food is to develop novel genetics and genomics tools through innovative science, beneficial to the breeding, production and consumption of animal proteins with a strong commitment to responsible stewardship of animal resources.