14 06 2017
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14 & 15 juni 2017
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14 & 15 juni 2017
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tech-savvies, creatives and domain experts

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Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin, Noordwijk

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The hackathon

We are proud to present the AgriVision hackathon, this summer at the AgriVision conference! On the 14th and 15th of June, we will be delving into the Pig Production System, to showcase the value of sharing data in the supply chain, and testing and developing data governance structures that promote datasharing.

The 32-hour hackathon is dedicated to open innovation in the Pig Production System. The objective is to illustrate that sharing and integrating data from different stakeholders in the value chain leads to value creation, and that this value can redistributed to contributing partners. Nutreco, Agrisyst, ForFarmers, Hendrix Genetics, Nedap and Vion are acting as ‘data donors’.

The hackathon offers a unique opportunity to showcase the power of open innovation to an audience of board-level executives in food and agribusiness, influential politicians and key members of NGOs.

We are looking for you!

For each challenge we are mobilizing an interdisciplinary team, consisting of data scientists, computer programmers, graphic and interface designers and subject-matter-experts. This hackathon offers you a unique opportunity to work with representatives from data donors and challengers (i.e. data scientists from Nutreco, Nedap, etc).

We are looking for creatives and tech savvy coders and developers, business developers and domain experts. Furthermore, we are looking for data governance experts, as we are looking for ways to transform current data management and data sharing strategies.



AgriVision is a multi-stakeholder feed-to-food chain conference, organised by Nutreco. They are a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed, with more than 100 production plants in 35 countries and 11 R&D centers in 7 countries.

One of the three main topics of this year’s AgriVision conference, which brings together key stakeholders in the international feed-to-food chain, is agricultural technology. To complement the speaker lineup with inspirational action, Nutreco has teamed up with FarmHack.NL to organise a hackathon.


CHALLENGE 1 Growth prediction of fattening pigs

Currently we are underutilising up to 30 to 40% of the genetic potential of pigs. The premise is that data sharing between different partners will help address this issue. Key question is how to develop a data governance structure that allows partners to share data structurally and sustainably. Acting as data donor and challenger are Nutreco, Hendrix Genetics, VIC Sterksel and others. We will work with data on feed composition, growth curves (weight estimates & prognoses), genetics, operating conditions such as climate, feed intake, CO2 etc. More information will follow soon.

CHALLENGE 2 Prognosis of the number of piglets

This challenge aims to integrate data from different sources to alert and advise the farmer/manager on productivity issues. We will plot weekly averages of the weight of the sows against genetics, feed and relevant management data. Key question is how to develop a data governance structure that allows partners to share data structurally and sustainably. Acting as data donor and challenger are Nutreco, Nedap, Hendrix Genetics and others. More information will follow soon.

CHALLENGE 3 Intervention free production

An urgent animal welfare goal for pig production is to minimise the use of antibiotics and interventions such as tail docking. A lot of research has been done, a lot of good intentions have been uttered. Can we actually help translate good intentions into actionable insights and real business opportunities? Can we leverage the power of consumers and radical transparency by linking transformational insights from data science with the creative and tenacious characteristics of entrepreneurs? Acting as data donor and challenger are Nutreco, Vion, VIC Sterksel and others. More information will follow soon.

CHALLENGE 4 Short Supply Chains

Adding value to produce has long been too expensive for small and mid-sized farms, because farmers didn’t have the network to sell, move or market their product. Technology can change that by offering farmers new opportunities to connect with customers. This challenge is targeted at using cutting edge technology to offer pig farmers new and innovative ways to create new business models and value propositions. This challenge is supported by Geodan, a leading Dutch geo-ICT company. More information will follow soon.



The hackathon offers a unique opportunity to work with a structured, robust and easy-to-use database, containing exciting new datasets. The challenges are well prepared in order to  allow for carefree hacking during the hackathon.

The AgriVision hackathon also offers you a unique opportunity to work on open innovation and data governance with experts. You will have access to business intelligence and real-world use cases.

You will also have the opportunity during a plenary session of the AgriVision conference to pitch your results, prototypes and visualizations, to a jury and the AgriVision audience, consisting of 400 executives in agrifood, public officials and key members of NGOs.

The winners of the hackathon will be rewarded with prize money, support in their further development and exposure in and promotion through Nutreco’s PR channels and network.



The program

day 1

After good mornings and coffees in the 5-star grand hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk, we will start the hackathon with pitches by the challengers, to present the challenges and supporting data. The pitches are followed by a key note speaker that will introduce smart data governance solutions that we will prepare.

The rest of the day is dedicated hack time, only interrupted by short inspiration and facilitation sessions for idea generation, intervision and expert consultation. For refreshment you can take a dive in the ocean!

We will take care of some pleasant wining & dining, during which we’ll have plenty of time to interact, check your ideas and pitch your solutions, and get some valuable feedback and intel. After dinner we’ll be moonlight hacking! If you are feeling sleepy, you can roll out your sleeping bag!

day 2

After an early breakfast we’ll start with pitches and intervision, backed by business development coaches, to kickstart your day. After that it is all hack time before pitching at the AgriVision conference.

Before lunch all teams will present their proof of concept, prototype or mock up to a jury, consisting of experts from AgriFood, Venture Capital, and Open IT. Pitches will be followed by a short award ceremony.



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